A car window screen replacement no a Fiat 500 in Blackpool.

This is how we replace the door glass for a Fiat 500 in Blackpool.


This is a very easy straight forward job so I thought I might show you how its done. This Fiat 500 was broken into by car thieves they got away with a lap top and an handbag, so never leave anything on show in your cars because they will get stolen.

This picture shows where and how the car thieves got into the Fiat 500.

Fiat-500-door-glass-in-Blackpool - Copy

So here we have a closer look at the passenger or N/S Door frame. Look at the arrow pointing at the circle well that’s where our friendly car thieves stuck some sort of lever tool in there maybe a screwdriver or something similar, they give it a yank and pop goes the car door glass but as you can see the door frame is left with a nasty bent door.

Lets take a look inside the car.


Ok open the door and check for any damage such as damaged seats or trims. Next we need to get all that broken toughened glass out, I hate this job but its got to be done, the glass gets everywhere so just get stuck in go under the seats and everywhere. More often than not some of the broken glass is stuck in the weather strip which the car window glass fits into, we need all that glass out before the new glass goes in.

These next series of pictures are of the door panel strip down.


Remove this chrome cover on the door lever, just get a lever tool and gently ease it out going round the whole cover.


Where you pull the door to shut it you will see this small cover, again gently ease it out with a small lever tool. never use excessive force when removing plastic parts.


Now the small plastic cover has been removed  we can see two alan key nuts just take them out.


Ok we now have the door panel off but the cable that operates the door opener needs to be removed. The white plastic bit in my fingers needs to be gently eased out from its housing, next there is a small black swivel click which once again we gently pull it away from the cable. Now we can remove the cable from the door panel.


Ok the panel has been removed now we need to remove the membrane, the membrane protects the door panel from any moisture which come in from rain. Be very careful while removing the membrane it can split very easily.


When a car window glass has been smashed lots of broken glass falls inside the door,  we need to vac it out, give the door a good shake get right in there.


Now we drop the window mechanism so we can clear it of any glass and make enough room to fit the new car glass into the door. The white plastic part you can see is where the door glass sits, there is a plastic locating pin which goes through an hole in the new door glass.


This is the hole in the new car window screen. Once the glass is located on the white clip the door glass will go up and down as required.


On the new car glass a plastic guide is attached, this plastic guide slots into the back door rubber weather strip, its there to stop the door glass falling forward when going up or down and to allow a smooth operation.

Time for the rebuild.


Ok lets put the thing back together. The red plastic clip you can see holds the door panel onto the door, there are a series of these clips all the way around the door panel just line them up and push them home. Now just follow the above instructions and rebuild your door panel.


That’s it job done and dusted all there is left to do is check the door glass is going up and down with no problems.

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