A windscreen replacement on a old Volvo in Blackpool.

windscreen replacement in blackpool, preston and lancastercar window screen replacement in Blackpool, preston and lancaster

Look at this old Volvo its so old the front windscreen was stuck in with cold bond, its like sticky stuff that was applied to the aperture in a continues line, then the windscreen was lowered onto that and that’s what makes the seal and holds the¬†windscreen in place.

Look at the second picture, well things have moved on from the cold bond days and now we fit windscreens using polyurethane, primers and activators. Look at the windscreen in the picture there is no black band going around the edge of the glass, so I need to make a black band using the activator and the stuff in the pot with the black lid, that’s primer. I dip my felt applicator into the pot and go all the way around the windscreen. Now I fit the clips to the windscreen then fit the big chrome trim to the clips.


About Mr Chip

My name is Paul Webster and I am the director for Mr Chip. We are based in Blackpool and we cover the North West. So for all your windscreen replacements and windscreen repairs choose Mr Chip you wont be disappointed.
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