Leaking Mondeo windscreen in Blackpool.

Yesterday Mr Chip Windscreens did a windscreen replacement on a Ford Mondeo in Blackpool. The first thing we do before we start any job is check the vehicle  inside and out for any damage. On our check we noticed a big clump of glue on the roof aperture and glue on the head lining, so we got the customer to come and check it out, he was shocked at what he was looking at. I asked the customer if the windscreen leaked in that point he said yes it did and he took it to the main Ford dealer to get it sorted out. Well here is their sorting out, what a mess.

Picture 1 is the clump of glue on the roof aperture


What a mess somebody pulled the head lining down and squeezed a thick line of windscreen glue where they thought the windscreen was leaking. Plus they have got glue all over the head lining.

Picture 2 shows where the water was leaking in.


Why did the windscreen leak in water at this point. In the picture you can see me pulling the heated windscreen wires back, the glue did not adhere to the heated windscreen elements plus the elements wasn’t stuck to the windscreen which caused the windscreen to leak.

So what does the windscreen elements look like.


This is a picture of the top of a Ford Mondeo windscreen. As you can see the elements go from the top outside edge, over the black band and in the car where the heated windscreen is earthed. This is what as happened to our leaking Mondeo windscreen, the strips of elements that go across the black band was not primed and the heated elements was not stuck to the windscreen all of which would cause the Mondeo windscreen to leak.

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