This is a contaminated windscreen repair.

IMG_1125 (2)IMG_1129 (2)

This is what happens to a windscreen repair if it’s left without repair. Picture 1 is the stone chip before repair. Picture 2 is the repaired chip. Ok look at picture 1 and you can see a white shadow, the shadow is caused by moisture entering the stone chip and attacking the plastic interlayer which is between the two layers of glass which makes up the windscreen. Over time the interlayer turns this milky white colour and it’s permanent. Look at picture two that is the finished repair, yes the windscreen repair is fixed but that white shadow is still there. To prevent this happening get those chip fixed ASAP.

About Mr Chip

My name is Paul Webster and I am the director for Mr Chip. We are based in Blackpool and we cover the North West. So for all your windscreen replacements and windscreen repairs choose Mr Chip you wont be disappointed.
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