This is how we remove the scuttle assembly on a BMW 3 Series 55 plate in Blackpool.

Untitled from Paul webster on Vimeo.

The scuttle assembly on a Bmw 3 series 55 plate is a bit of a strip down. Above we have a series of pictures that show you how we strip down the scuttle in preperation for the car windscreen replacement. Pic 1 Remove six screws. Pic 2 Remove the plastic cowling. Pic 3 There are two sensors  that need removing, one just unplugs the other one twist and pulls out. Pic 4 Same again the opersite sensor. Pic 5 We have two plastic cowling that need removing, we flick open the little clips with our hook tool. Pic 6 Removing one of the plastic cowlings. Pic 7 At the front of the scuttle assembly we pull out this wire loom holder. Pic 8 In the bottom corners there are two nuts that hold this part of the assembly in place, we remove them. Pic 9 Removing this part of the scuttle assembly. Pic 10 We remove the pipe for the wiper jets. Pic 11 We remove the wipers. Pic 12 We unplug two conectors for the wiper jets. Pic 13 We pull off a rubber seal. Pic 14 Sorry i am having trouble uploading pic 14, We pull down the final part of the scuttle, this is held to the windscreen with a plastic glass edge rib which goes back onto the new windscreen ready for refitting the scuttle assembly.

As you can see a bit complex but these Bmws are a nice job to do. You can click on each picture to get a close up view.

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