This is how we strip down the door panel and fit the door glass on a Seat Altea in Blackpool.

This is the Seat Altea, it was broke into for the valuables inside the car.

windscreen-replacement-southport 1

On this blog I am going to show you how to strip down the door card and how the glass is fit to the Seat Altea.

Ok lets start with the door card.

windscreen-replacement-lancashire 2

This is the door card for the Seat, The Seat has a tricky method for getting at the door mechanism. Keep reading below all will be revealed.

Taking off the door handle. 

windscreen-replacement-burnley 3

Gently ease off the outer plastic cover.

Screws behind the cover

windscreen-replacement-chorley 4

Ok now we have gently removed the plastic outer cover there are two torx screws to remove.

Down to the speaker cover.

windscreen-replacement-bolton 5

Now its time to remove this speaker cover again being very gentle ease out the cover using a plastic tool.

Screws behind the cover

windscreen-replacement-liverpool 6

Now the cover as been removed we can see the speaker, around the speaker there are a series of torx screws, remove them.

Speaker plug.

windscreen-replacement-manchester 7

Now the speaker is free we can disconnect the plug from the speaker, just squeeze the two little prongs at either side of the plug.

More torx screws.

windscreen-replacement-wigan 8

Ok we have removed the speaker, behind the speaker are three more torx screws.

The tricky bit.

windscreen-replacement-blackburn 9

This is where Seat made life so much easier for windscreen fitters. Normally we would need to remove the whole door panel, not with Seat all we remove is the centre of the panel. Look at the picture you can see I am using a plastic tool to gently ease off the centre panel.

The centre panel is off.

windscreen-replacement-preston 10

Its off you can see the plastic retainers that hold the centre panel on.

Door glass plug

windscreen-replacement-lancaster 11

Now the centre panel is off we can disconnect the plug for the door glass.

Door mechanism exposed.

windscreen-replacement-blackpool 12

There it is the clamp that holds the glass in place there are two clamps.

How we finish the job.

blackpool windscreens

The two clamp that hold the door glass in place have nuts that clamp together when tightened. Slacken off the clamps and remove any glass you don’t need to remove the nuts completely. Vac out any glass that might be in the bottom off the door, slide the new door glass in and tighten up the nuts, reconnect the electrics for the door mecho and take the glass up and down, you are looking for ease of movement up and down and if there might be any glass left in the felts. Now make sure the one press switch function is working ok. That’s it job done just rebuild the door panel.

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